The Victory of Success

November 14, 2015

Tweet “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.” – Og Mandino     […]

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The Law Of Attraction to the Extreme

November 13, 2015

Tweet Let’s take the Law of Attraction to an extreme, where one has absolutely no counter intention to what they want. This means they have no limiting beliefs and a total willingness to fail. Fear of failure is the counter-intention to achievement; it is you giving life to that which could knock you off course. […]

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Allow the Unviverse to Move You

November 12, 2015

Tweet To allow the Universe to move you in your life to happier and better things, you are going to need to look around you and appreciate the good things here and now. Seek the beautiful things and count the blessings of where you are. Dissatisfaction will not bring the happier and the better into […]

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A Deeper Look at The Law Of Attraction

November 11, 2015

Tweet Briefly, The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and that the energy of thought attracts like energy throughout the universe. It was originally coined in the late 19th Century by New Thought writers and has gained popularity throughout the years as a means of attracting what one desires into one’s life simply […]

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Creating Order in Your Course of Action

November 10, 2015

Tweet Adding order is the process of assembling all of the possibilities into a meaningful and useful form. Doing things in a certain order, for example, can be the difference between creating chaos or success. Certainly anyone who has followed a cooking recipe knows actions must be done in a particular order to bring about […]

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Personal Development & What You Don’t Want

November 9, 2015

Tweet  Most people don’t realize how much passion they put into what they don’t want. When you speak to a friend and you tell them all about an “awful” situation, you are putting passion into what you don’t want. When you react to an event negatively, with the response that it is “terrible”, you are […]

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Beware of Self Help Gurus

November 8, 2015

Tweet Our personal development program is not your typical self-help program. We take a stand for every individual. We know that you, right now, have what it takes to create the life you desire. A successful version of Your Mix exists right now and is easily accessible. From our experience we have found that individuals […]

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Expecting Opportunity Without Adversity is Flawed

November 7, 2015

Tweet Expecting and anticipating opportunity without adversity is flawed thinking. It doesn’t work that way. Be wary of anyone or anything that promises such, and prepare your mind to receive adversity according to the success you desire.   These examples may seem obvious, but even in their most subtle forms, that which you desire you […]

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Personal Development & Criticizing

November 6, 2015

Tweet  Remember, if you are criticizing, you are not being grateful. If you are blaming, you are not being grateful. If you are complaining, you are not being grateful. If you are feeling tension, you are not being grateful. If you are rushing, you are not being grateful. If you are in a bad mood, […]

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Write Down Your Actions

November 5, 2015

Tweet Write down the actions you believe are required at this point in time to obtain your goals and follow your North Star. I would suggest putting each action on a 5×7 card and then post them somewhere so they can be easily seen. It is also critical to be aware of any supporting foundational […]

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