The Staircase Mystery

February 10, 2016

Tweet I love mysteries like this. Unquestionably, the most unusual staircase and the one with the most mysterious history is the wooden spiral staircase of the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The brick and stone chapel was constructed in 1877 using plans drawn by French architect Antoine Mouly, who died suddenly soon after […]

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Action Creates Your Influence Over Something

November 23, 2015

Tweet Action literally makes or breaks whether you can have influence over something in the physical universe. Action is the actual mechanism that forms thoughts, beliefs and decisions into shape, usefulness and purpose in the world.   While what has been called The Law of Attraction may bring things you desire into your sphere of […]

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People Make Sense of Life in Many Ways

November 22, 2015

Tweet Whether good or bad, right or wrong, some people live a life that is undeterred. It can seem impossible to derail these people. No matter how much the odds are stacked against them they overcome; they win. These people may start out as “losers” but at some key moment they flip the switch in […]

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Look for the Gifts in Everything

November 21, 2015

Tweet  Look for the gifts in everything, especially when you are facing what appears to be a negative situation. Everything that we attract causes us to grow, which means that ultimately everything is for our own good.Adjusting to a new path and a new direction will require new qualities and strengths, and these qualities are […]

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Supportive Actions

November 20, 2015

Tweet Supportive Actions, as the name suggests, aid your Purposeful Actions. They are generally much smaller actions that constantly take place. They are the equivalent of minor ingredients in a recipe – you get the best results if they are included. They are also cumulative; Supportive Actions add up.The better you become at creating the […]

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What is Reality?

November 19, 2015

Tweet Let’s take a different, fresh look at that big question. Everyday we engage in situations, or situations engage us. To what degree are we the cause of what happens to us? To what degree do we cause the situation to exist? Life can certainly show up in a way that would appear to have […]

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Attracting Attention

November 18, 2015

Tweet The purpose behind learning the Law of Attention is a simple one: to gain more control over your own attention. An animal does not appear to have this ability but a human being does. Even so, most humans exercise very little to no control over where their attention goes. There are many kinds of […]

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Purposeful Action

November 17, 2015

Tweet When I talk about Action in my blog posts I’m talking about purposeful action, causative action. This is action that is backed up by thoughts, beliefs and decisions that are in alignment with your goals and desires, and  that ultimately brings about results in line with your North Star and Compass Heading. If you […]

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Thoughts & Feelings Together Create The Law of Attraction

November 16, 2015

Tweet  It is important to remember that it is your thoughts and feelings together that create with the law of attraction, and you cannot separate them. Also remember that it’s your feelings that are summing up your overall frequency and telling you what you are creating in this moment.   So how are you feeling […]

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The Law of Attention

November 15, 2015

Tweet In practice, the Law of Attraction is really the Law of Attention. We put our attention on that which we fear and that which we want. If you feel as if you “must” win, at some point failure is going to be so scary that your attention will start to fixate on some obstacle […]

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