Personal Development and Creating Your Life

May 17, 2016

Tweet “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself “– George Bernard Shaw   This brings to mind all the people running around trying to find themselves which is brought on by the psychologists telling them to do just that or saying they will help them. When you get a real handle on the […]

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Fix Your Universe

May 17, 2016

Tweet It can be seen that one’s basic values in life are reflected in the way one takes action and the results these actions bring about. We have looked at how High Impact Events shape our daily moods, decisions and actions, creating repeating and often undesirable patterns in our experience. Now let’s explore the relationship […]

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Personal Development & Controlling Your World

February 29, 2016

Tweet  Isn’t it great to know that you cannot control your world from the outside? To try and control things on the outside feels impossible because it would take so much work, and in fact it is impossible according to the law of attraction.To change your world all you have to do is manage your […]

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Being a Successful Entrepreneur

February 28, 2016

Tweet You learn in personal development that life is a journey, not a destination. When someone chooses to become an entrepreneur usually the first thing that comes to mind is the money they can make, but I’m not going to talk about that in this post. I’m talking about the freedom that entrepreneurship offers you […]

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Confusion is the Enemy of Action

February 27, 2016

Tweet Adding order is the process of assembling all of the possibilities into a meaningful and useful form. Doing things in a certain order, for example, can be the difference between creating chaos or success. Certainly anyone who has followed a cooking recipe knows actions must be done in a particular order to bring about […]

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Higher Barrier of Entry = Less Attrition

February 26, 2016

Tweet There is a basic problem with most MLM businesses. The barrier of entry is too low. Let me explain. Most people think that the lower the cost to get started in a MLM the more people can afford the business. While this might be true the attrition rate (those that just quit) is very […]

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The Center Of My Universe

February 25, 2016

Tweet In personal development you learn that life is a journey, on a destination. The Center Of  My Universe (COMU) concept does not assume any of the It’s Your Fault, It’s Not Your Fault, & Maybe It’s Your Fault Camps points of view. COMU takes the approach that it is the individual’s choice to attach […]

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There is Either Action or Non-Action

February 24, 2016

Tweet At the foundation of your experience there is either action or non-action based on your thoughts, beliefs and desires. An easy test to apply when evaluating a part of your life you want to change is this: what Purposeful Actions am I taking to bring about a change in the direction of my desires, […]

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Personal Development & Give Them Joy

February 23, 2016

Tweet  Every single day, no matter who you meet in the day – friends, family, work colleagues, strangers – give joy to them. Give a smile or a compliment or kind words or kind actions, but give joy! Do your best to make sure that every single person you meet has a better day because […]

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It’s Your Fault, It’s Not Your Fault, & Maybe It’s Your Fault Camps

February 22, 2016

Tweet In personal development you learn that life is a journey and not a destination. In my previous post People Make Sense of Life in Many Ways these typical ways of thinking can be reduced to three camps: It’s Your Fault, It’s Not Your Fault and Maybe It’s Your Fault. The It’s Your Fault camp […]

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