World of Wonders

Angel Falls

With personal development you learn that having fun is a big part of it. So let’s have fun in your personal development and I’ll share a few fun facts with you and maybe you’ll learn something as well. In this case your personal development will be expanded by the wonders of the world. And if you like what you read here, I would appreciate you coming back to the top of this page and retweeting it. I check my retweets and will do the same for you if I find value in your tweets.

The Angel Falls (the world’s largest) in Venezuela are nearly twenty times taller than Niagara Falls.

No white man saw the Grand Canyon until after the Civil War. It was first entered on May 29, 1869, by the geologist John Wesley Powell.

The Taj Mahal was actually built for use as a tomb. It was scheduled to be torn down in the 1930s. It is forbidden to fly over the Taj Mahal.

Due to precipitation, for a few weeks each year K2 is taller than Mt. Everest.

If you divide the Great Pyramid’s perimeter by two times its height, you get pi to the fifteenth digit.

The Great Wall stretches for 4,160 miles across North China.