When in Rome

With personal development you learn that having fun is a big part of it. So let’s have fun in your personal development and I’ll share a few fun facts with you and maybe you’ll learn something as well. And if you like what you read here, I would appreciate you coming back to the top of this page and retweeting it. I check my retweets and will do the same for you if I find value in your tweets.

The ancient city of Rome at one time boasted 2 million residents.

Roman law stated that prostitutes were to either dye their hair blond or wear a blond wig to separate themselves from the respectable brunette female citizens of Rome.

Wealthy Romans, both men and women, would have all their body hair plucked, including pubic hair. Ouch!!

Rome’s Circus Maximus was the biggest stadium, with seating for 250,000, and was mainly used for chariot racing. And we thought our football stadiums were large?

In ancient Rome, it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose.

When a Roman boy reached adulthood sometime between the ages of 14 and a7, he was entitled to wear the pure white toga of a man and Roman citizen.

Urine from men’s public urinals was sold as a commodity. Fullers (the Roman version of a dry cleaner) would empty the urinal pots and use the ammonia-rich urine for laundering and bleaching togas and tunics. Ancient Romans at one time used human urine as an ingredient in their toothpaste and as a hair product.

Romans used to believe that walnuts could cure head ailments, since their shape was similar to that of a brain.


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