Your Higher and Lower Self

by Michael Berry on August 8, 2015

Focused-Mind-PowerCan you guess which version of you, higher or lower, is feeling guilty?
On average, a person’s Circle of Influence operates most of the time from their lower selves. Of course, your circle may be different (and good for you if it is!), but the statistics of society prove typically 96% of people operate predominantly from their lower selves. This causes the multitude of negative situations we encounter each day: financial chaos, obesity, failed relationships, addictions, crime, abuse of others … the list is obvious by observing what happens in the world every day.
All of us have operated from our lower self as one of the polarities of being human. There are some who have mostly operated from their higher self; these are the exceptions, the heroes, the sages and gurus of our time. Many people are confused on the subject and because they cannot see their responsibility in creating the negative things in their life they mistakenly believe that they operate from their higher self.Life is hard for the person who identifies with their lower self.They must constantly justify and blame. Not just to others, but to their higher self as well. They must stay in the conversation of justification because, if they don’t, everything they identify with will be proved invalid and wrong. Success Education teaches one to progressively look at their life through the eyes of the higher self. It’s a humbling experience for the best of us. It is a journey of self-discovery, realizing how you really are at cause in your life, and that you always have been. The lower self will make the mistake of seeing how everybody else is actually operating from their lower self, while staying blind to all the ways that they themselves are actually operating from the lower self point of view. The motto of these people is “if everybody else would just get their act together, then I could become more successful.”

If this sounds familiar, now is the time to stop pointing the finger of blame at others. “It’s not my fault, look at what so and so is doing,” is the mantra of the lower self. Their North Star is to never be seen to be the one who is responsible. This is their curse and their lock down; they will never create the life they want and will claim to be taken advantage of their entire lives. They will use drugs in an attempt to have the drugs be at fault, they will drive others away and fault them for leaving, they will curse money because of their lack of it, they will only trust other lower self behavior–all in the service of placing blame outside of themselves.

There is a way out of this cycle. If this type of person admits responsibility in their heart of hearts, the lower self will cease to have life, power or exist for long. What happens next is up to them. If they continue to identify with the lower self, they will fall into deeper self-destructive behaviors as a result of masking their new realization. Conversely, when they identify with the higher self that has prompted them to this understanding, remarkable transformation follows.

As mentioned, it is a relatively few number of people who decide to operate their lives from their higher selves. Give some thought to your Circle of Influence and see who fits that description from your perspective. Awareness gives you power. As each of us deserves to give one another the space to recognize our own causality in our own life, there will be those who are completely unwilling to look at what they are really causing. When you encounter those individuals it’s probably best you steer clear, because what that person is creating is a series of results you will want no part in. Additionally, you will find yourself being blamed.

Personal development is our business and our life.
Michael Berry
In personal development we learn that “we all see and experience the world not as it is, but as we are”.


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