The Fifth Element

by Michael Berry on February 10, 2015

personal-development1-150x150While playing, both as kids and adults, we may occasionally experience a moment where time stands still and you or one of your friends does the unlikely or impossible. Both kids and adults have the same reaction when it happens. It is like one just witnessed or performed magic. Eyes get big and a big rush of euphoria are released into the body, usually followed with a gasping, “Did you see that?” In these moments a person may have literally cheated death, but they can’t help but laugh. A deep connection to that moment and each other is formed.
You’ve witnessed The Fifth Element in films as a rush of connectedness with the Hero character. It is where seemingly unrelated events fuse into a new emotion or brilliant realization. It is what is called “the moment” and is what separates worthwhile stories from the common.It seems that these moments cannot be manufactured or forced. They just seem to happen.Adrenalin junkies are addicted to this feeling. Car racers, base jumpers, free fallers, bungee jumpers, big wave surfers, cave divers and rock climbers all live for these moments. Professional athletes act similarly and become adept at entering this state. In reality, adrenalin junkies likely achieve this state in one area of their life but not others.
Sometimes, out of pure necessity, when an unexpected situation comes up and a person is so intent on making it go right they may enter this state and seem to do the impossible, but as soon as the urgency and necessity is gone they can’t get back there again.

The space where time seems to stand still and your connection with the physical universe becomes more alive could be called the Fifth Element. It is when both you and the physical universe seem to become more fluid and manageable. Thought, action and result are melded together as a singular activity. As long as you are open to this element you are identified with Center Of My Universe. To be able to recognize the Fifth Element is very valuable. To learn to live with this Fifth Element is even more valuable. It can be demonstrated that this element does exist and it seems society is set up in a way that keeps most of us from having access to it. People who seem to possess the Fifth Element can’t seem to give it to others.

The Fifth Element can be felt. It is tangible. But it is different than the other elements because one can also live their life and never feel it, or at least never feel it after the age of maybe seven or eight. But for those who do experience it from time to time, it can actually be more real than the other four.

I’ve experienced the Fifth Element in my life many times. One when I made the game winning shot from long range to win the state basketball tournament. The shot seemed to take forever to get to the basket and for awhile I could not hear the crowd until the other players started jumping around me.
Another time when I was driving on the freeway in Dallas with the traffic rather congested but moving along at 60 mph when suddenly a car a few cars ahead of me  swerved and hit another car then other cars where suddenly going all directions and spinning in front of me. Time went very slowly and I was able to maneuver a number of cars. My wife turned to me afterwards and said how in the world did you do that?
Have you had any Fifth Element experiences? Tell me about them.
Personal development is our business and our life.
Michael Berry
In personal development we learn that “we all see and experience the world not as it is, but as we are”.


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