The Extraordinary Power of Action

by Michael Berry on February 23, 2015

I personal development we learn that life is a journey, not a destination.

Action is energy expressed into physical form. Action is a creative building block of the physical universe. It is through action that things change, are created or destroyed.

Action is where the spiritual nature of humankind is expressed. In Action, thought becomes real to the physical universe. It has been said, “What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear a word you’re saying.” This is the overriding power of Action.

Action is where belief is verified and proven. Action exhibits how you participate in creating your life, the lives of others and the physical universe. Action is the benchmark of physical reality and the measure of a person’s contribution to the world. We evaluate character by actions.

We learn in personal development the adage “Thoughts are things” and it is true with respect to the action that is brought about by those thoughts. This includes both subtle and dramatic action. Thoughts have, within them, a creative possibility that can be enabled through action. Of course, one can think a thought and then not act upon it – this happens an infinite number of times throughout the day for all of us.

What happens when we think a thought? There is an immediate link between thought and action in the physical universe. The hesitation, inhibited, flash of doubt across one’s face; a blank look across the face when one is reminded of a “non action.” A thought not acted on is a non-action, but there is still physical universe action. There are 52 muscles in the human face that humans use to communicate with and over 100 muscles used to actually speak a sentence. There are actions taking place based on every thought. Others experience these as observations or energy impressions.

This is where the power of being on purpose comes from.

When one is on purpose they are already on a course of action. The more one is fully engaged into their passion the less hesitation and internal conflict will manifest itself in Subtle Action that communicates so much. It does not matter how good your presentation is if you are personally hesitant on the subject you are talking about. These Subtle Actions will be registered by the people or person you are talking to, and you will be much less effective.

This is true of an artist painting but not following his or her own impulses and intuition. The brush will not move as effortlessly and precisely, and the painting will not communicate as powerfully to the viewer. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as finding one’s own voice.

Truly, how you think and believe carries the underlying message of how you act and others experience you. What makes a thought real in the physical universe is the action, however subtle, that is taken in support of it. The more we are in line with what we think and believe the more effective will be our communication. This is why authentic and transparent people are attractive leaders. This is also why even the best “verbal artists” will ultimately lose their powers of persuasion at some point in their lives. If they feel good about their ability to manipulate, they may be able to manipulate the less observant of the masses, but at some point they will lose that enthusiasm and their communications will cease to manipulate. An extreme example of this is the fate of most dictators, who manipulate themselves into positions of extreme power but ultimately meet a frightening and traumatic end at the hands of those who were once under their spell.

Personal development is our business and our life.
Michael Berry
In personal development we learn that “we all see and experience the world not as it is, but as we are”.

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Jane Araguel November 19, 2011 at 10:27 am

Action has power and this is because in almost everything we do we are have to take an action. The actions we take should however be positive ones so as to give positive results.

Michael Berry November 22, 2011 at 7:00 am

Correct but even if they’re negative (we might think they’re positive at the time) we’ll learn from them.

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