Some Decisions are Critical

by Michael Berry on January 16, 2015

THE SITUATION:In 1801, Spain and France struck a secret deal ceding ownership of Louisiana to France. This meant that France suddenly posed a potential threat to America. As a result of the deal, the Louisiana port was closed to American traders. A fear developed that if America did not purchase New Orleans from France, it could eventually lead to war.


President Thomas Jefferson sent envoys to France to try to purchase the port. When the envoys returned with an agreement to buy the entire Louisiana territory, Jefferson was shocked. This would potentially be one of the largest land deals in history: over 800,000 square miles of land. Furthermore, America did not have the money to pay the $15 million outright.

imagesTo make this transaction happen, Jefferson would have to put aside his principles, because the allowance for this type of transaction was not expressly listed in the Constitution. But for him to wait for a Constitutional amendment might cause the deal to fall through

Luckily, the people of the United States agreed that this would be an excellent move. Jefferson worked around his misgivings and decided to go through with the purchase.


The US borrowed money from Great Britain to purchase the land at 6% interest. The purchase nearly doubled the size of the US at that time. The ownership and control of the port and America’s new ability to expand through this territory became an integral factor in the push to settle the West. Ultimately this was crucial in the new country’s successful quest for growth and independence.

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