It Starts in Your Mind

by Michael Berry on September 15, 2014

images-1If you’re getting results you aren’t satisfied with, changing your mind is the first step. In looking at the decision-making process, the first real step is to decide the direction, the course, and then how big you are going to reach from the outset. It is possible to derail your efforts by leaping out too big and too fast before you’ve changed your mind.
This can put you into a situation in which you can lose control and make you believe that you can’t do it. You then never risk trying it again.This would be considered unwise and reckless.
Move toward action immediately. Don’t hesitate. Strike while the iron is hot. Taking the first step is what is the most important. It matters less whether it is a big step or a small step—that is determined by what you have decided to accomplish. But without a first step, there is no decision, no movement, no action and therefore no results to be gained.On the flip side, going too small can have the worst impact of all. What this can create is a slow, painful and tortuous journey. Bold Decisions create magic and can bring out the best in oneself. But these choices must be made by you alone, because if things begin to go wrong, even temporarily, the temptation to play the victim becomes very real. You must have no one to blame for your decision but yourself.
Choosing your path in advance is the same as aiming your arrow at the target: no matter how straight you shoot, if you haven’t aimed beforehand you stand no chance of hitting the target.
As you proceed, Course Corrections are important to keep you in the game and help you revise your journey based on your results.
Personal development is our business and our life.
Michael Berry
In personal development we learn that “we all see and experience the world not as it is, but as we are”.


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