Do or Do Not, There is No Try

by Michael Berry on June 29, 2014

 Yoda, the fictional other-worldly sage in George Lucas’ Star Wars saga, has often been quoted for his straight-to-the-point philosophy on what works in life. In “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back,” Yoda responds to Luke Skywalker directly when Luke says he will attempt to do something: “Do or do not. There is no try,” explains Yoda.
Yoda may easily have been talking about decisions. A decision is like standing on a riverbank with the water flowing in front of you: you either step in a direction to cross to the other side or you stay where you are and don’t cross. There is nothing in between. Staying or going are both decisions leading to different results.
This is important to understand, because ultimately the control over how we navigate our daily experience lies within our own mind. We may fool ourselves into thinking that if we delay a decision for one reason or another, we delay movement in our lives. The inescapable fact, however, is that you are always making a decision to cross the river or stay on your side, constantly. The choice is always up to you, and it is ever present.
In fact, ironically, the only thing in life you don’t have a choice about is that you always have a choice! This is the great benefit of being human. It is a unique and powerful gift.
Personal development is our business and our life.
Michael Berry
In personal development we learn that “we all see and experience the world not as it is, but as we are”.


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